Not So Creepy

…when they’re little!

He’s actually kinda cute.  I guess all baby animals are, in their own way!

I went down right at dusk to put the chickens to bed and found this little guy crawling around on a shelf in my chicken barn.  Looking to get into my feed, no doubt. 

I scooped him easily into a bucket and took him up to the garage where my husband was busy sharpening his chainsaw blades.  He looked into the bucket and jumped back a bit, surprised.

This baby opossum is only about 8 inches long, nose to rump.  I didn’t have the heart to kill it, so I had hubby haul it off a few miles and turn it loose out in the woods.  He hasn’t tried to kill any chickens yet, so I’ll let him off this time!  I’m sure there are probably more of his kin out there to keep an eye out for…

We shot a big one a couple of months back that was trying to get the chickens.  And we also found the head–just the head–of a smaller one lying in the yard a few weeks ago.  I’m not sure what would eat a whole opossum and leave only the head… We have a lot of barn cats up here.  Must have been very hungry, whatever it was!

An odd place to find a grasshopper…

This seems like an odd place to find a locust.


I was checking over my Heavenly Blue morning glory vines, looking for any sign of impending bloom, when I spotted this guy up under the rafters of my porch roof.

It’s a big one, over 2″ long.  Probably deciding which of the lush, overgrown (flowerless!) vines to nibble on first. 

I was afraid that he might get annoyed and jump on me while I tried to take his picture.  I would have thrown the camera and run for sure.

These morning glory vines are beginning to engulf my porch.  They look healthy and awesome.  I am just waiting for them to put on their big show.  I planted them there to provide some quick shade so that my husband can eat his dinner out on the porch without the evening sun blinding him.

I’ve been really BUSY canning the past couple of weeks, so I haven’t had much time to post.  When I get more time I am going to post my version of Hot Pepper Mustard (Butter).  Tuesday I canned 18 pints and 17 half-pints (for Christmas presents).  We like it–A LOT.  And I think you will too…

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