How Much is Enough?

My bright-and-shining-farmer has made me a very happy woman this week.  After asking around the plant, he has found me an endless supply of manure from various co-workers who raise cattle, sheep, horses, etc.  He even made a contact with the livestock market where he can get the truck loaded by skid steer.  (What?  Do I hear angels singing in the background?)

We had just finished deciding on where we would pile it when he asks me the inevitable question, the question with no satisfactory answer, the answer to which he really doesn’t want to hear… So, just how much manure do I need?

I want it all!

“But that’s not what I’m asking,” he says.  “How much do you need?”

Oh, I’ll take as much as you will get me.

“No,” he presses forward, “I am wanting to know how much you need.  For your garden.”

Well, I think maybe six truckloads of already composted manure would do it for now.  But I’ll put it on other things too.

He throws his hands up in the air and leans forward.  “So how much do you need.”

Oh… Well, I need all I can get really.  I need lots.

He rubs his face in his hands, as if to take the skin off.  “But how much will you be happy with?”

Well, if I can get maybe six or so S-10 loads for the garden…for now…then you can get me some more.

“Argh!!  But that’s not what I’m asking!  Do you not understand what I’m asking?  How much is enough?”

Oh, you want to know when you can stop?  That would be never.  I’ll take whatever you are willing to go get for me.  Just get me a load every chance you can.  I want it all!

Ha ha ha… I’m working with red clay mud here.  I need all the organic material I can get!

The old blue ’93 S-10 is faithful and true.  The engine purrs like a kitten.  Unfortunately, everything else is rusting off around it.  The hitch pulled loose from the frame this winter when my husband and my brother were hauling wood out off the back of my Dad’s farm.  If only he could take the trailer with him, he could get me the equivalent of four S-10 loads in one trip!  My brother-in-law believes it can be welded.  We’re looking into that.

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