Apple Blossoms

This has been such a gorgeous spring, the prettiest I can recall.  I’ve really enjoyed all the blooms, both wild and cultivated.  The redbuds have been amazing and the dogwoods are just hitting their stride.  But the apple trees have been particularly intoxicating!  I don’t know why my sinuses aren’t bothering me yet this year with the very high pollen count.  Everything smells so sweet and wonderful! 

I had pruned this apple tree very heavily in February 2009 and it punished me with almost no bloom last year.  It really needed it though as it was choked up with a couple of very overgrown water sprouts in the center.  This year however, is another story.  I have never seen so much bloom on this tree in the few years I’ve been trying to give it the TLC it so badly needed.  My apple tree at home bloomed really well this year, but nothing like this.  It’s really something to stand beneath it and just inhale as deeply as you can… 

The bees and other pollinators are hitting it really hard and I expect this will be an awesome year for apples.  I am going to give this tree some fertilizer spikes again.  They really helped me get larger apples from it a couple years ago.  I don’t have any idea what the variety is, but this tree is my best source for pie apples and I hope to put many into the freezer this fall.

Close up of the same tree.

My one year old (since purchased) Bonnie Best put on an impressive show too for such a young tree.  I planted the remains of 4 trout caught last spring around the perimeter of the hole.  My father-in-law swore by that and he was a true greenthumb, so I will not argue with such wisdom!  What I like best about its blooms is that they have a deep saturation of pink to them.  This is supposed to be a blue-ribbon pie apple too.  I cannot wait to get fruit from this tree.  It takes a few years, so as a new homeowner it’s smart to establish your fruit trees right away so you can enjoy them as soon as possible!   I have quite a long wish list of trees to acquire…  What a great way to invest $25!


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