Strange Visitor

The monster morning glory vine that I planted to shade my porch has drawn many visitors.  The bumblebees love to visit the blooms during the day.  Hordes of katydids have taken up residence inside it and inevitably hop in through the back door when I let the dogs out.  There is also a lonely sparrow who roosts in it overnight.  Now this guy…

They really do look like a stick!  I’ve only seen one once before.

The walking stick demonstrates the Divinely designed defense mechanism of camouflage.  Even its slow and halting stride mimics a branch moving in the breeze, helping it stay under the radar of its predators.  Fortunately for my walking stick, his neighbor the sparrow won’t want to have him over for lunch anyway!

 Lucky for him the toddler had already gone to bed or else he may have ended up in a jar!


1 Comment

  1. Cheryl Childers said,

    September 28, 2010 at 8:45 PM

    I have seen walking sticks before about twice, they are very interesting. The photography you use to get closeups of the walking stick is amazing. Are you just using digital ? I want so much for Ray to get interested in more than just the camcorder. It amazing how photography and Art go hand and hand. Amanda say a prayer that Ray will show interest again. His medicine has been lowered so he is doing much better. I want him to get hit with a shutter bug. That is just a little photography laugage Ive picked up. Love ya!

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