Fencing the Back 40

We finally got my woven wire fence up last Saturday (just now finding time to post about it).  My neighbor let us borrow his fence puller which really made a big difference, although we realized too late on one section of fence that we should have started at the opposite post to get a better pull.  I told my dad that I am a pro now, if he needs any help fixing/replacing the woven wire horse fencing at the farm.  LOL

I still need to fabricate a double gate for the entrance, but as far as the chickens are concerned, they are well contained.  I have a section of my PVC range pen blocking their exit for now, until I can get to it.  I also need to brace the posts connecting to the gate.

Here’s the chickens enjoying their dog-resistant free-range area. 

Good fences make good neighbors and now I don’t have to clobber any of mine (or their dogs)!  The peace of mind was well worth what I paid for it.  I got a very good deal on this 2″x4″ knotted woven wire horse fencing at Tractor Supply.  I got 200 feet of it for $10 less than what I would have paid for 150 feet (3 fifty foot rolls) of inferior quality regular woven wire.  The knotted fencing will last forever and not rust.  This area will also double as a small paddock for a couple goats in the future.


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