Honey bees on white cosmos.


My dad says it has gotten too cold to open up the bee boxes now and that I should give them an entrance feeder and leave them alone until spring.  Given the weight of honey in the boxes and the vigorous bee activity visible from the outside, we believe they are quite healthy.  I do have to replace the bottom board though, as mice have made swiss cheese of it.  A couple bales of straw behind it for a windbreak and we should be set for winter. 

I really look forward to getting a look inside next spring!  I am going to purchase a second hat and veil and set of gloves for my husband so we can work them together.  He is really finding himself fascinated with these amazing little insects.  Their intricate design is a wonderful testimony to God’s Creation.  I can’t wait until I can get my daughter in a little bee suit of her own.  This will be a really cool educational experience for her someday.


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